We design and manufacture the various components needed for the construction of rooms in which the environment (temperature, humidity, dust, acoustic, fire…) must be controlled.

We have grouped our products by their main area of application. The specifications are as per the requirements of each sector and we continuously adapt our products to specific regulations and our customers expectations.


The agribusiness industry is becoming increasingly conscious of food safety. Repeated cleaning and disinfection can cause faster degradation of walls and doors.

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Life sciences

Life science industries often have increasingly strict externally-imposed and self-imposed health standards for production.

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Micro-electronics industries often have increasingly strict externally-imposed and self-imposed cleanliness standards for their production facilities. The speed of technological evolution also requires the use of highly adaptable and evolving wall systems.

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The environment is a major aspect of corporate considerations and this includes noise levels.

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Fire prevention

“Prevention is better than cure”. It is with this in mind that Plasteurop has developed a range of fire-proof door, wall and ceiling systems which can resist fire for up to 3 hours.

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