Air-extraction panel

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Hollow panel with a thickness of 50 mm for bottom air connection

Main characteristics

One flat intake with a diameter of 200 mm for connecting the HVAC network. 
Vertical airflow channelling fins for preventing vibration phenomena and turbulence. These fins guarantee the rigidity of the panel and avoid the drum effect of the facings. 
Inner skirt for evacuating any condensation. 
Space for 600 x 100 grille  
Max flow rate = 300 m3 / hour 
Recommended air speed = 3.5 m/s 
Head loss 
3 Pa (Pascal) at the grille 
1 Pa/Lm (Pascal) on the panel 
2 Pa (Pascal) for a flange ring with a diameter of 200 mm 

Available dimensions

Width = 1200 mm 
Length = max. 6000 mm 
Thickness = 50 mm