Glazed PCSB Sliding door


Single-leaf or double-leaf sliding door
Exist in automatic version

Main characteristics

made up of: 
basic version 
•A white-dusted aluminium door frame with mitre cuts adhered to the corners with a thickness of 50 mm. 
•Double-flush installation on Plasteurop SB05 panels. 
•A leaf made from 33/1 laminated glass surrounded by an 100 x 40 aluminium section lacquered according to the RAL colour chart 
•Tubular sealing gasket on the sides and top of the leaf. 
•Specific seal on the bottom of the leaf. 
•The leaf is guided on the floor on the opening and closing sides by easily cleaned parts. 
•Aluminium rail with Fermod no. 2920 notch allowing vertical and horizontal detachment of the leaf during translation movement. 
•Covering of the entire rail. 
•Outer pull handle made from Duralinox. 
•"Cup" type inner pull handle. 

Available dimensions

Max. width = 2200 mm 
Max. height = 2280 mm