SB05 HPL clean room panel

Ref : SB05 HPL

Panel bordered on four sides with a treated aluminium section allowing it to be assembled by a 33x30 key and to be flush with the floor when placed on the footing

Main characteristics

Composite HPL facings made from thermosetting resin with fire classification M1, compact type, thickness: 4 mm (commonly known as laminate) Colour white ref. OPACO 754 near RAL 9010. Protective film 50 µm 
Other colours available on request according to colour chart 
Core made of FORTA 130 rock wool with pasted semi-straight fibres with a density of 130 kg/m3, obtaining a lambda of 0.041 W/m²C, fire classification M0 

Available dimensions

  • Single thickness = 50 mm
  • Standard width = 1200 mm
  • Non-standard width = 400 to 1199 mm
  • Maximum length = 4200 mm
  • Maximum length = 4000 mm for the other modules
  • Panel weight = 20 kg/m²