SB05 LR clean room panel

Ref : SB05 LR130

Panel bordered on four sides with a treated aluminium section allowing it to be assembled by a 33x30 key and to be flush with the floor when placed on the footing

  • Panel weight = 17 kg/m²
  • Max. ceiling span = 3.00 m
  • Fire classification A2-s1-do (equivalent to M0)

Main characteristics

Core made of FORTA 130 rock wool with pasted semi-straight fibres with a density of 130 kg/m3 obtaining a lambda of 0.041 W/m²C 
Facings made of double-sided S280GD + Z225g galvanised sheet steel with thickness 6/10 according to standard NF EN10-147, made up of: 
-Back: priming lacquer 5 to 8 µm 
-Front: priming lacquer 5 to 8 µm 25-µm polyester lacquer finish, continuously pre-lacquered according to standard NF P34301 RAL 9010 white 
Gloss of 30% 
Fusible or adhesive protective film, thickness: 80 to 120 µm 

Available dimensions

Single thickness = 50 mm 
Standard width = 1200 mm 
Non-standard width = 400 to 1199 mm 
Maximum length = 6000 mm for 1200-mm module 
Maximum length = 4000 mm for the other modules 

Range and options