Dalsp-X LED Luminaire

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The DALSP-X models are intended for installation on the ceilings of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, biotechnology laboratories, animal houses and the high-tech and semi-conductor industries.
DALSP-X luminaires are based on the most reliable electronic components from two of the leading manufacturers of light-emitting diodes.
DALSP-X luminaires can withstand exposure to room and device treatments using hydrogen peroxide vapour.

The DALSP-X luminaire offers an impressive list of advantages. 

  • No cut-outs for a stronger ceiling.
  • Suitable for surface-mounting in dust accumulation classes ISO 5* to ISO 9* without disrupting the air flows.
  • The thinnest luminaire in the world with no retention area.
  • Design allowing installation on a partition.
  • Drastically reduced maintenance due to extended service life.
  • Compatibility with treatment by hydrogen peroxide vapour.

Main characteristics

Curved transparent polycarbonate cover in a white frame injected with polyamide and attached to a plate equipped with SMI printed circuit boards provided with 30 LEDs with a power of 1 watt. 
Attachment mode: 

  • Four small self-tapping screws
  • Finishing putty applied to the perimeter to seal the luminaire
  • Weight = 3.4 kg


  • IRC > 80 (COOL WHITE)
  • Choice of colour temperature between cold white and neutral white
  • Colour temperature: 4500 - 6500 °K
  • Cold white LED: 3000 lumens
  • Neutral white LED: 2500 lumens
  • Also available in a version in which the diffuser is provided with a opalescent film

Service life: 
50,000 hours for the light source (11 years considering use for 12 h/day, 365 days/year) 
Power supply & consumption: 
DALSP luminaires are supplied with 24 V of rectified direct current regulated by CAC70-230 or CAC40-230 converter boxes. 
Converter power supply: 230 V AC 50 Hz  
Electrical connection of the luminaire: safe low voltage generated by the converter 

  • Installed capacity: 34 watts
  • Consumption with converter: 39 watts (VA).