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• Separation doors for work rooms with heavy personnel and/or vehicle traffic.
• Very wet premises, corrosive atmospheres, slaughterhouses,
industrial kitchens, fishmongers, dairies, chemicals industries, industrial laundries, etc.
• Areas open to the public, such as schools, hospitals, gyms, swimming pools, warehouses, supermarkets and hypermarkets, barracks, etc.

Main characteristics

• Thickness 15 mm. 
• High-density polyethylene leaf, thickness 15 mm. 
• Colours: natural (white), blue, red, yellow, green. 
• Polymethacrylate visibility window, flush on both sides, dimensions 270 x 450 mm. 
• 304 grade stainless steel frame, 1.5 mm thick 
• C profile on panels, in 3 elements, held in place at the corners and fixed by counterdrilling the partition and inserting 316L stainless steel sleeve nuts with M8 galvanised threaded studs 
• Hat section profile on masonry over the clear passage height (on hinge side only), held in place by SPIT plugs with stainless steel 8 x 80 HM screws. 
• Delrin composite hinges with stop at 90°. 
• Grey HD polyethylene hinge shim. 
• Transparent anti-pinching joint on the opening side. 
• Accessories 
- Passage for handling rail. 
- Base protections with polyethylene facings, 15 mm thick, height 250 mm. 
- Stainless steel base protections on both sides, “aircraft wing” type, 1.5 mm thick, height 250 mm. 
- Anti-pinching joint on the hinge side. 
- Reinforcing element over the full height, 40 mm thick, o, hinge side. 
• Doors with superposed leaves (if height > 2,500 mm). 
Door supplied with assembly and service 
instructions identified by a serial number. 

Range and options

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