Recessed telephone

Ref : TLS 250 S1 CLD

Telephone for clean-room

ART approved - Compliant with EC standards

Main characteristics

Brand: LELAS 
Ref.: TLS 250 S1 CLD 
Built-in model, flush with the wall 
Polycarbonate front surface with built-in adhesive keypad and LED. 
Recognition of variable programmable tones from 300 to 500 Hz 
Also works on lines with reduced current (guaranteed up to 18 mA) 
Luminous line busy indicator 
Sealed speaker 
Sealed micro-electret 
Cleanable sealed keypad 
Electronic board with micro-controller, protection, lightning arrester 
Call ringtone, receiver volume, call duration before automatic hang-up, timer between pre-programmed numbers, identification number, remote hang-up by sending code, etc. 

Available dimensions

Panel dimensions: 
Height = 260 mm 
Width = 180 mm 
Dimensions of the whole element: 
Height = 600 mm 
Width = 260 mm 
Thickness = 50 mm