Technical Panel

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Hollow elements with removable facings with an inner depth of 44 mm and an overall thickness of 50 mm, suitable for ensuring flushness with SB05 clean room panels.

Main characteristics

It is made up of two elements 
- One RAL 9010 lacquered aluminium frame forming the structure of the removable panel. This frame is occasionally reinforced by reinforcing U-pieces. (3 U-pieces for heights < 2.5 Lm and 4 U-pieces for heights > 2.5 Lm). 
- One or two Dibond facings, thickness: 3 mm with RAL 9010 white lacquered finish. A magnetic strip is adhered to the hidden surface in order to allow easier removal from the frame. 
This facing can optionally be removable over all or part of its height (for example: one part with half attached and one part removable on the other half). 
The facings can be handled using suction-cup handles. 
Reinforcing U-piece (code 252134 for width 200 - code 252135 for width 400 - code 252415 for width 600 and code 252311 for width 800) 
Magnetic ribbon (code 150 116) 

Available dimensions

Max. height = 3,000 mm 
Standard width = 200 and 400 mm 
Max. width = 600 mm